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Winter Formal

We ask Sweethearts to sell the tickets rather than make this available online for anyone to purchase tickets because this is YOUR party! We want you to be able to sell or give tickets to your friends! Below is information on how to purchase your tickets. Please reach out to sponsors with questions.

1. Tickets are $30 each - Venmo (@roundrock-sweethearts) or pay cash/check by November 17th.

2. You must buy 2. One is for yourself and the other is to sell or give to someone else.

3. Seniors may buy/sell up to 6 tickets, Juniors may buy/sell up to 4 tickets, Sophomores may buy/sell 3 tickets, and Freshman must buy 2. 

4. You will be given the wristbands at our November 6th meeting if you have already purchased them. Otherwise, you will be able to pick them up when you pay by Nov. 17th. Wristbands are needed for entry into the dance!

5. By December 1st, you MUST fill out this form. The form will include all of the people who you sold or gave your tickets to.


After we get an idea of the numbers on November 10th, we will have a handful of extra tickets available and will let everyone know if they would like to purchase more.

Here is the slide presentation from the November meeting. 

Please fill out the forms for DJ Song Requests by November 27th.

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